Google-Doodle (USA) Top-100 Übersicht 2020

Im Jahr 2020 gab es in den USA bisher 89 Google-Doodle:

01.01.2020New Year's Day 2020
20.01.2020Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020
22.01.2020Celebrating Anna May Wong
25.01.2020Lunar New Year 2020
01.02.202060th Anniversary of the Greensboro Sit-in
06.02.2020María Teresa Vera's 125th Birthday
14.02.2020Valentine's Day 2020
15.02.2020Susan B. Anthony's 200th Birthday
21.02.2020Roberto Gómez Bolaños' 91st Birthday
28.02.2020Sir John Tenniel's 200th Birthday
29.02.2020Leap Day 2020
08.03.2020International Women's Day 2020
19.03.2020Spring 2020!
20.03.2020Recognizing Ignaz Semmelweis and Handwashing
21.03.2020Recognizing Ignaz Semmelweis and Handwashing
01.04.2020Dame Jean Macnamara's 121st Birthday
03.04.2020Stay Home. Save Lives : Help Stop Coronavirus
04.04.2020Stay Home. Save Lives : Help Stop Coronavirus
05.04.2020Stay Home. Save Lives : Help Stop Coronavirus
06.04.2020To all the public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community, thank you
07.04.2020To all doctors, nurses, and medical workers, thank you
08.04.2020To all emergency services workers, thank you
09.04.2020To all custodial and sanitation workers, thank you
10.04.2020To all farmworkers and farmers, thank you
13.04.2020To all grocery workers, thank you
14.04.2020To all public transportation workers, thank you
15.04.2020To all packaging, shipping, and delivery workers, thank you
16.04.2020To all food service workers, thank you
17.04.2020To all teachers and childcare workers, thank you
18.04.2020To all coronavirus helpers, thank you
20.04.2020Stay Home. Save Lives : Help Stop Coronavirus
21.04.2020Stay Home. Save Lives : Help Stop Coronavirus
22.04.2020Earth Day 2020
23.04.2020Stay Home. Save Lives : Help Stop Coronavirus
24.04.2020Stay Home. Save Lives : Help Stop Coronavirus
30.04.2020Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles: Rockmore (2016)
01.05.2020Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles: Garden Gnomes (2018)
05.05.2020Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles: Lotería (2019)
04.05.2020Teacher Appreciation Week 2020
06.05.2020Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles: Halloween (2016)
07.05.2020Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles: Hip Hop (2017)
08.05.2020Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles: PAC-MAN (2010)
10.05.2020Happy Mother's Day! Craft and send art from your heart in today's Google Doodle!
20.05.2020Israel Kamakawiwoʻole's 61st Birthday
21.05.2020Celebrating Mbira: an interactive experience
22.05.2020Celebrating Mbira: an interactive experience
25.05.2020Memorial Day 2020
26.05.2020Memorial Day 2020
31.05.2020Celebrating the Galápagos Islands
19.06.2020Commemorating the 155th Anniversary of Juneteenth
21.06.2020Happy Father's Day! Craft and send Dad some art from the heart!
30.06.2020Celebrating Marsha P. Johnson
04.07.2020Fourth of July 2020
20.07.2020Celebrating Dilhan Eryurt
31.07.2020Celebrating Pacita Abad
19.08.2020Julius Lothar Meyer's 190th Birthday
25.08.2020Celebrating Barbara Hepworth
28.08.2020Celebrating Alexandre Dumas
01.09.2020Celebrating Jackie Ormes
07.09.2020Labor Day 2020
13.09.2020Celebrating Terry Fox
15.09.2020Celebrating Felicitas Mendez
21.09.2020Jovita Idár's 135th Birthday
23.09.2020Doodle for Google 2020 Winner!
27.09.2020Google's 22nd Birthday
30.09.2020Celebrating the Dachshund Bobblehead
09.10.2020Mary Ann Shadd Cary’s 197th Birthday
27.10.2020Dr. Stamen Grigorov's 142nd Birthday
30.10.2020Halloween 2020
31.10.2020Halloween 2020
11.11.2020Veterans Day 2020
14.11.2020Celebrating Maria Tallchief
20.11.2020Benoit Mandelbrot's 96th Birthday
24.11.2020Celebrating Mariachi
26.11.2020Thanksgiving 2020
01.12.2020December Holidays
02.12.2020December Holidays
03.12.2020December Holidays
04.12.2020December Holidays
05.12.2020December Holidays
06.12.2020December Holidays
07.12.2020December Holidays
08.12.2020December Holidays
09.12.2020December Holidays
10.12.2020Celebrating Sir W. Arthur Lewis
11.12.2020December Holidays
12.12.2020December Holidays
13.12.2020December Holidays
14.12.2020December Holidays

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